translucent Materails in Lux Core render

General / 10 June 2021

LuxCore Render tests

General / 03 June 2021

a little impressive render engine and well integrated into blender ! I've used models of some my quick 3d sketches.

portrait paintings

General / 02 June 2021

Box Ross


fake caustics with arnold render

General / 02 June 2021

connery portrait exercise

General / 28 May 2021

fractal tests

General / 22 May 2021

interactive relight a paint medium

General / 22 May 2021

first try of Taron’s Vervette sandbox.  the painter lets you interactive relight the paint medium. which is pretty cool and you able cool effects with it.

more speed paintings

General / 22 May 2021

RAM MAN from master of the universe


General / 18 May 2021

starting to do some doodles again.  10 minutes in artrage, no undo's no layers.

alien landscape update

General / 08 April 2021

fractal landscapes rendering in AnroldGPU (pure beauty pass) it looks like an alien world or quantum realm world. i even add astronaut and mars rover in there, if you can spot them.

full render frames:

playing color correction