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alien World test

Work In Progress / 14 February 2022

testing new 3D fractals in Houdini and Arnold renderer

refracting light

Work In Progress / 01 April 2021

try simulate light refraction inside Arnold. Arnold has only Spectral refraction. the result is not physically accurate like you have in Indigorender.
but it look cool and its renders so much faster !

crystal rendering with spectral light

Work In Progress / 25 March 2021

I though I try an experiment and taking my crystal into Indigo renderer.  its work in progress . the crystal is "crystal" clear, but for "real world" crystal I need random scattering at bottom. I will look into Indigo's shader language.

BiDirectional MTL:

GPU  pathtracing :

back to BiDirectional MTL rendering:

5th dimension cube for print

Work In Progress / 21 March 2021

i've rendered my hypercube in 8kx8k for a nice large print. its took a lots hours but its worth it.  rendered in Ingiorenderer

you can grap your print from artstation if you like !

crystal rendering

Work In Progress / 18 November 2020

more testing new Nested Dielectrics inside Anrold renderer

crystal shading

Work In Progress / 12 November 2020

testing new Nested Dielectrics inside Anrold renderer

sand erode in octane with arnold

Work In Progress / 17 December 2019

finally, I got some time to play with octane in Houdini. I am impressed with the interactivity of the renderer. The render time was about 2:30 Minutes on RTX5000 for the image (in 5k resolution).